HoK Computer Party

HackNWA Hands on Keyboard Computer Party [HoK] on Apr 15th @ 8pm is an unoffical after-after party to Sp4rkCon taking place at 8th Street Market in Bentonville, AR. Intention is to promote Cyber Security and other critically needed skills.

Register now for SparkCon at the following URL if you haven't yet!


801 SE 8th St, Bentonville, AR 72712
The venue is being provided courtesy of Bike Rack Brewing at 8th Street Market!

The event is free and open to the public. Register and attend Sp4rkcon to receive your PCB badge at their main event. Students will have the most to gain as there will be industry experts from top companies in their field.

Event activities will start after Sp4rkcon ends for the day. The villages will focus on highly technical subjects and may be the first time the majority of the attendees will have seen the subject material.

Villages / Exhibits

In order to achieve our hands on keyboard objectives for this event we will be providing a variety of villages and exhibits for people to get in on the action.

HW Hacking / Soldering village

Most people will not receive a full assmbled PCB badge at Sp4rkcon. Instead you will receive a pack and can wear the unpopulated badge right away but we are sure you will want to enable power and activate blinky. Solder stations and adeptus mechanicus to assist you will be available to achieve this. We will also show off some low level embedded hardware probing and other exhibits.


Assembly coding village with a focus on 6502 architecture. Participants will have access to custom 6507 Atari game code, reference materials and developer SD card cartridges for testing and playing said games on Atari.

Some of the concepts that will be conveyed:
Basic ASM coding concepts
Level data arrangement in 6507 ASM
Byte Manipulation techniques
Music synthesis in the Atari graphics chips
Porting your to C64 emulator to continue at home

Prizes may be provided for some of the best work

IPFlows Visability Village

Knowing the traffic coming out of your devices at your home and the office is no longer a privilege of the wealthy few who can afford it. It is your deserved right in our opinion. In order to illucidate this concept we will be providing interactive demos for you to connect your device to the network and be presented with what traffic is actually transmitting from your device. This will help bring about necessary understanding to help alleviate the dire condition of digital prostation the general masses face.


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